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Are you struggling with weeds, pests, or thin areas in your lawn? Our lawn care programs provide regular nutrition and proactive treatments for common challenges. To learn more, watch the video and choose from the 3 options below. 



Weed Species


Lawn Pests


Lawn Diseases

Silver Lawn Care

Starting At $52 Per Month
Basic approach to minimize weeds and pests plus fertilizers

Platinum Lawn Care

Starting At $82 Per Month
Everything in Silver & Gold plus more control over weeds and insects + added lawn nutrients
All packages are based on a 5,000 sqft lawn
Features Silver Lawn Care Gold Lawn Care Platinum Lawn Care
Visits 8 8 12
Free Service Calls Included Included
Fertilizer Treatments Included Included Included
Crabgrass Pre-Emergent Included Included Included
Broadleaf Weed Control Included Included Included
Surface-Feeding Insect Control Included Included Included
Lawn Fungus Control Included Included Included
Liquid Aeration Included Included
Micro-Nutrient Treatment Included Included
Sedge Control Included
Preventative Grub Control Included
Fire Ant Control Included
Added Organic Micronutrients Included

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