Siesta Key Landscape Design & Installation

Expert lawn care and landscaping services in Siesta Key, FL

In addition to property maintenance, we also handle outdoor lighting, hardscape elements, and fertilization & weed control.


Nestled on the southwest coast of Florida, Siesta Key is privy to sun, surf, and a chance to get away from it all. About 6,500 residents call Siesta Key home, and developers in the early 1900s quickly declared this location “the siesta of the Gulf”.

If you live in or around Siesta Key, FL (or nearby areas), our professional lawn care and property maintenance services is top-rated. We offer a variety of landscaping services, including new design and installation. Learn more about ways we can care for your commercial, HOA, or residential property.

Hardscaping increases your curb appeal.

Hardscaping refers to the hard components of landscape design, and we can handle a wide variety of hardscaping services that will increase curb appeal and improve the property value.

Our design consultants have worked with a range of property types in Siesta Key and can take on complete redesigns and new property designing.

Other hardscaping services we provide include:

Patios, pergolas, and cabanas all add to your outdoor living space, and add-ons like fire pits and outdoor kitchens mean you can enjoy your outdoor space any time of year.

The right landscape design provides the ‘wow’ factor.

Having a property that looks immaculate means making a good impression on neighbors, but it also feels great to be able to sit and enjoy something spectacular. Our landscaping services can meet every need you might have for your residential or commercial property, including:

Service should be scheduled well ahead of time so you don’t get delayed during seasonal rushes. Planning ahead also means new landscape designs can be completed ahead of the growing season.

Lawn care & lawn maintenance services are essential for a beautiful property.

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A neglected lawn looks untidy and cluttered, and over time, disease and pests can take over and cause even more damage. Regular maintenance will save time and money by preventing more expensive renovations down the road. Our lawn care services include:

Scheduling regular maintenance also means our team will get to know your property and can identify early signs of disease or pests and treat them sooner rather than later. Lawn care elements like sprinkler systems require expert care, and we have dealt with practically every kind of lawn care issue imaginable.

We can handle anything your property gives us. Schedule service today.

Tropical Gardens Landscape has more than 15 years of landscaping experience in Florida, and we understand exactly what it takes to keep your Siesta Key property looking pristine. We offer a wide variety of hardscaping and softscaping services to meet your needs, so call us today at (941) 993-2442 to schedule your service.